How to create fake WhatsApp account with US, UK, Canadian number?

Get free unique fake number for Whatsapp verify whatsapp without number


Today everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular messaging apps on smartphones and is used by millions of users worldwide. If we come around WhatsApp tips and tricks then there are many WhatsApp tricks on the internet. Some are useful and some are just for wasting their time. Here I am going to share a WhatsApp trick to show you how to create a WhatsApp account without your personal mobile number.

How to create fake whatsapp account with fake mobile number?

WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular as the number of its users is increasing day by day. As we all are well aware that there are many tips and tricks on WhatsApp through which you can easily shock your WhatsApp friend. We have also shared how to make money from whatsapp, and how to use one whatsapp in two devices and today we are going to show you how to create fake whatsapp account with free number for whatsapp verification.

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You may be thinking how difficult it is to create a fake WhatsApp account but you will be surprised to know that this is the easiest and working way you ever know.

This method actually requires you to have a fake number. You may be wondering how you get a free virtual number to bypass WhatsApp verification code. Well, its simple you just have to download an app from play store and you will be able to generate fake number for WhatsApp verification. There are actually many apps on the play store and today in this trick we will use one of them by which you can verify your whatsapp and create fake whatsapp account.

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Benefits of creating fake whatsapp account with fake Whats-app number

“Fake whatsapp account”
“Fake whatsapp number”
“International number”
“Prank your friend”
“More privacy”
“Hide your personal number”
“Without any cost”
“Keep your number safe”

There are many advantages to creating fake WhatsApp account with fake number. There are many apps that will give fake numbers for WhatsApp verification. Here we have mentioned the best among all. So without wasting your time go ahead and see how to create a fake WhatsApp account with fake mobile number.

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How to create fake WhatsApp account with US, UK, Canadian number?

Download the TextMe or Freetone app:

Download & Install VPN 5G Speed and connect the VPN USA or UK Server.

and open the TextMe application and register for a new account by entering email and password.

Now you will see list of numbers.

Now enter any US area code like 627, 614, 912 etc. and choose the number But before continue you will have to check that number on whatsapp, if the number is available for Whatsapp or not.

If the number available for Whatsapp now you have to select that number.

Now go to your whatsapp and click on OK for the OTP.

Now you will receive a call from the Whatsapp, But you dont have to pickup the call!

After disconnecting the call you will receive a voice mail on your TextMe application from the Whatsapp and listen your OTP code 🙂

Now enter the OTP in Whatsapp and enjoy your new number for everyone.

In this way, you will be able to create your fake WhatsApp account with a fake number. Another bonus tip is here for you, apart from WhatsApp you can also use this fake number to verify other apps like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and more.

Note: – These tips and tricks are for educational purpose only and to make you aware about it, if someone implicates you then you can find out that it can be a prank, for any illegal purpose this number Do not use We “Mr KJee” are not responsible for any loss.

The conclusion

This article was about how to create fake WhatsApp account with US, UK, Canadian numbers. It was one of the easiest and working way that you just need to download an app to make it. Hope you liked our work, give your appreciation, suggestions and questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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