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Why we create fake WhatsApp account?

It is well-known that celebrities are obsessed with their fans. As a man with a social media profile, it is also a given that I should have lots of people like me, people who want to follow my work or seek my advice.

When I post something I write and post a picture or video, I post it with the intention of it being read by anyone in the world. Yet I have to constantly check my phone to ensure that nobody has approached me and asked to see my social media profile, followed me, commented on my photo, and so on.

Often I can get used to it and only read my notifications about two or three times a day, but sometimes I get so bored that I try and reach out to someone who has written to me. I wonder whether they’ll reply, or even accept the request to follow me.

It is always possible that my contact will ignore my message,

but I am prepared for that. Most of the time they write back saying that they would rather not be followed by a man like me, as they don’t want to be trolled and made to feel like they’ve been taken.

If they do accept my request to follow me they might comment on the content of my posts in a negative way.

They may even try and put me off of writing more as they say that they don’t want to be put in the position of reading something that would make them feel upset.

To some people, this reaction is a good thing, they might say that it demonstrates how I should respond to a celebrity’s message. But in my eyes it shows that they don’t value my feelings and are not interested in listening to my experiences as a man.

We live in a world where social media is not a barrier to interactions with celebrities,

which is a good thing. In many ways this is a good thing because it means that they can always be reached, that their advice is easily available to anyone with an Internet connection, and that they are always just a few clicks away.

A Second Line Phone Number

MySecondLine gives you a 2nd phone number on your smartphone.

Get started with a 1-day free trial.

Here are the benefits:

★★ A separate second phone number ★★

You will get a dedicated phone number from MySecondLine. This way it’s memorable and easy to promote your business.

You can try the app with a 1-day free trial! There is no advertisement or hidden catch inside. The cost is fully transparent. You can get started with a free trial to use the app. No email or phone number registration to block you. It’s super easy to get started and just download and try the app!

★★ Unlimited texting and phone calls ★★

MySecondLine is the best texting and calling app in the market. It offers unlimited texting and phone calls, even in the free trial. It’s totally free to use the app to send unlimited text messages and make unlimited calls.

You can text your contacts and send out messages to them, and receive text messages from all over the world. We support mobile networks, WIFI, VoIP and you will enjoy the best communication quality.

★★ Private personal communications ★★

– A fake number to avoid unwanted spam messages and calls

– A temporary number for dating, Craigslist, etc

★★ Professional business team number ★★

It’s the flexible, personal communication app that gives your customers a work number they can use – not your private personal number

Many professionals are using MySecondLine to help them transform how they keep in touch with their customers with a dedicated second phone number that gives out your professional caller ID – and keeps your professional second-line separate from your personal one.

★★ Great features and the best texting & calling app ★★

– Make and receive voice calls

– Send and receive text messages

– Voicemail transcription: transcript of your voicemail

– Caller ID: show the incoming calls phone number and contact name

– Customisable text-tone, ringtone & vibration

– Quick reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends

– Greeting: record your own sounds to greet customers

– Call schedule: set schedule for different time slots for different members

– Great support service: contact us at any time if you have any questions!

★★ Download the app from Google Play Store and get started ★★

My Second Line

App Cloner

Clone App – App Cloner & Dual App is the official Clone App that helps you run Multiple Accounts, Clone WhatsApp, and supports WhatsApp Colorful Skins at the same time. The most important is it is Free & NO ADS!

Read more about  “Hushed and App Cloner.

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