What is WhatsApp chat locker?

WhatsApp added chat locker on iOS a couple of weeks ago. Here is what it is all about.

We all know that WhatsApp is the best application to use. People from all across the globe, share messages and live stories with each other and it is their favorite application. Well, the chat function was first introduced in the version 2.3.8 which was launched a year ago.

However, with the advent of new feature of WhatsApp, people start to miss the old version of the application. Due to the same, they are trying to get their old app back or have it on their Android devices. Even, they prefer the older version on their iOS devices. Well, we have compiled a list of best WhatsApp downloads for iOS. The list includes all of the old version of the application which you can use on iOS devices. So, if you are still longing for an old version of the application, here is your best.

WhatsApp 1.5 The only reason why the old WhatsApp won’t work is because the app doesn’t support new features.

That means, the app might not work on all devices, but if you want to relive the charm of the previous version, then you should download the app from here and then follow the steps given below. “On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Text Message Forwarding and turn on both the On and Receive Forwarding settings.

If you also have Messages Forwarding turned on, forward texts received from people in your contact list. If you ever need to add an iPhone number to your contact list, you can do that from the Settings > iPhone > Add Account screen. Select iPhone in the menu.

Use it to enter the phone number, then press Reply to add the number to your contacts.” WhatsApp 2.2 This will help you to download a beta version of the application and then, you can use it to install the old version. Just open the iTunes App Store, tap on the “Gold” button in the top left corner, search for “WhatsApp Beta”, tap on the update button and then tap on the Install button.

In case you need to install beta version 2.2 for all of your devices, you can follow the steps given here. “Launch the App Store, and search for “WhatsApp” (without quotes). Tap on the gold icon at the top of the App Store page. Tap on the update button. Navigate to the Update Profile button in the lower-left corner, and tap on it. Tap on the Download Link button. Tap on the Download on My iPhone button.”

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How to get WhatsApp chat locker on iOS?

Well, this is an easy procedure, you just need to follow a couple of steps. First, you need to enable iCloud backup on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t done it, then you will need to first enable iCloud backup, which you can do by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup. Now, tap on the Backup button, you will need to enter your password or unlock your device to enable iCloud Backup, tap on the Next button and then tap on the Next button.

At the end, it will take a while to backup your device, but once it is done, you can download the app. Also, in order to get the old version of WhatsApp, you will also need to get the old version from here. Also, if you don’t know which application is which, then here is a guide on which application is best for you:



“Facebook Messenger”


Father Daughter chat!

WhatsApp is one of the best application to use because it is free and you can send messages and videos to each other without worrying about your phone’s battery. You can also do live stories and share live videos with your friends and family. You can send pictures, videos, GIFs, documents, quotes, audio clips, location, etc. to anyone on the platform.

Why do we need to lock our WhatsApp chat?

WhatsApp is the de facto way people chat. It’s used by more than a billion people every day and has more monthly active users than Facebook itself.

While this may seem like a problem it’s good for business. Emailing and texting work well for most things and have many issues. You can only see the messages within a specific window of time, the most popular emails don’t load when you click on a link. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what messages you’ve missed and you lose information on links as well.

So why do we still use these antiquated options?

Because they’re better than the alternatives.

Email is the default for the vast majority of people. If you are lucky enough to be in a regular group text with everyone on your team or close friend then you’re more than likely using a personal email address. In-person or group meetings are limited to get together and the old-fashioned phone call. The only interaction we have with our coworkers, co-workers, friends and family is through email, text or in-person.

We’ll say this again. Email is the default. This is a problem.

Think about what happens when we get a message from a coworker that goes into some deep detail. It’s the kind of message where we can start thinking about the work again. Suddenly we can dive right back in. This makes work more interesting, but it also means we’re writing longer emails, not thinking enough about what we’re saying and instead making sure we’ve communicated what we need to communicate in the most efficient manner possible.

What if we just got a message that said, “Heads up, I need something sent to you tomorrow.”

I’m sure most of us have read an email that came from someone we consider our peer in the workplace and said, “We’ve got something important coming up tomorrow.” We answer and get back a message that says, “Thx.” We’re like, “Don’t worry. Head’s up tomorrow and we’ll handle it.”

Whats lock

Are you looking for an app that you are looking for to lock some of your WhatsApp chats instead of locking the entire application with a passcode for WhatsApp? , Then you are in the right place here with only one application that only gets what you want. Save private chat with unauthorized permission. Save Group Chats.

How to use Whatsapp lock?

On the first installation, set your security 4-digit password.
Then add your private chats to this chat locker and lock them.

Your selected chats are now protected using our 360 firewall protection.

salient feature
Protect your password from unauthorized access.
Lock / unlock private conversations, as well as group chats with 4-digit passwords.

Whats lock

Are you looking for an app locker?

The following permissions are required for this application.
1) This app uses permissible service permissions to protect private conversations on the messaging app. When you are chatting with other applications and chatting on your device, you are allowing us to receive notifications while checking the contents of this window.
We are not using the above permissions for any other purpose. We are not collecting your personal data and your device’s data outside of your device via the Internet or any third party.

Your rating and comments are appreciated by us. So please encourage us with your suggestions to improve this app.

Click here to download Whatsapp Locker from the Google Play Store!

Alt Phone – Your Private Phone

Alt Phone - Your Private Phone

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