** How to hide Whatsapp DP for specific person without blocking on Whatsapp in 2021 **


WhatsApp profile photos can be viewed by anyone who has them stored on your phone. So to hide or remove WhatsApp image for a specific person or group of people, you either need to delete your contact or block them but if you need to have their WhatsApp number in your contacts have has.

** How to hide WhatsApp profile picture for some people without deleting or blocking **

Description of Whats-Not on WhatsApp

** WhatsApp hides profile picture, status and last people from specific people. **


WhatsApp, a new practical user-friendly app that now gives WhatsApp users more work in the security department. Although the security features in the WhatsApp are decent, there is an issue in the security section of the user’s privacy that they want to take advantage of. With more than 800 million users worldwide, this flaw is more dangerous than ever. Security flaws can now be dealt with using Watts Notice.

WhatsApp has no option to hide your profile picture, last time or status from a specific set of people. Most users want to change the privacy settings in their contacts. But what about those rare people of those times when unwanted contact becomes desperately needed.

The above mentioned privacy issues in WhatsApp can now be fixed by installing “WhatsApp Note” in WhatsApp. Adding friends, blocking unwanted users from your WhatsApp account is what this software does, without diminishing its ability to be customized, while also maintaining its contacts. Therefore, the next time an unwanted person calls, you can effectively block it because your contacts are uninterrupted, while refusing to intrude on your privacy.

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** Hide Dp in Whatsapp for specific contacts without blocking on whatsapp **

What exactly does “What’s Not” do?

Upload photos now, without fear of compromise
– Your ‘last seen’ is as required
– An effective way to hide your WhatsApp profile from view
Contact information is retained
– Calling feature for hidden contacts from WhatsNot
A caller ID for hidden contacts
Add a new contact to the WhatsApp contact list
Easy and user friendly application
No hidden charges and free for life.

** Download WhatsNot on Whatsapp **

Disclaimer: This app does not modify the WhatsApp app or claim to be affiliated with or affiliated with its parent company.

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