How to Share android screen to another phone?

I am sharing you two methods for it, but the best way is for android users.

Mobile screen sharing for Chrome lets you see what your computer is seeing

You’ve got a brand new computer and some great Chrome tabs open. But how can you compare them to their smaller screen cousins, when they’re still on the computer and you’re on the bus? Thanks to a new integration, you’ll be able to send and receive real-time remote screenshots of your computer’s monitor.

Chrome’s mobile app is now capable of sharing your screen with someone else when the right server detects that they’re connected and interested.

The real-time screenshot feature uses a Chrome extension called Chrome Remote Desktop to capture a screen from anywhere in the world, and you can either attach the device’s screen or just send them a URL.

The combination of the real-time screenshots with screenshots taken from Chrome’s desktop browser could open up some interesting opportunities. As mobile screens continue to take on more importance and become the primary screens, you’ll probably be seeing more of your coworkers’ computers. Instead of sharing your desktop, you could share a screenshot of their monitor instead.

Chrome Remote Desktop has existed in the past, but the company behind the service is rolling out a brand new version called “Android Remote Desktop” that works on Android phones and tablets. The feature has been in beta since November, and in February a select few apps gained access to Android Remote Desktop.

It’s nice to see a company like Google launching a new feature on a major platform, especially in an area that many of its competitors have yet to cover. If you want to give it a go, you can do so on Chrome for iOS and Android.

Share android mobile screen to another android phone

Has a big tablet or a big phone, you can be isolated from others when you are carrying it.

Imagine you’re busy watching TV and chatting with friends or family. Your device is right in your hand but you are still communicating with someone. You can easily be robbed and assaulted if you are in a crowded place. So do you really want to carry a phone that’s taking over your life?

Have you seen someone holding a two-sided phone?

They are meeting someone and when the call starts, the person with the phone hands the other side to someone else to talk. When they finish talking, they pick up the other phone to see how their family members are doing.

Your device can also be used to take pictures or video calls but it’s not safe enough for that, people can take your phone and use your camera to take pictures or record videos.

Just keep an eye on the person holding the phone. If they are distracted and don’t notice the person with the other phone, then he’s using the phone for their personal life. But if they don’t notice the phone in their hands, then it’s safe to take pictures and video call from the phone.

In the photo above you can see a Nexus 6P smartphone and what I’m about to show you is easy. Take a picture and the Nexus 6P screen will give the device’s screen to the other device. The camera of the other device will be recording your photo as well. When you look at your device, you’ll be able to see your friend or family members who are calling or messaging you.

Same process is done for video call. Just hold the phone with the screen to the device and it will record your video as well. The video will be transferred to the device you are using.

The normal way for everyone to use the phone is the same. If you need to use your phone for a call, then you must hold the device, and if you want to use the camera or the microphone, then you must remove the device from your hands to use.

How to stream android phone to another android device?

Taking up a second device doesn’t always mean it’s a replacement for the first. If you already have an Android phone, why not take advantage of a cable such as Google’s Chrome-cast to stream content on to another one?

Nowadays, it’s far from unusual to be an owner of more than one handset or SIM card. An extra one or two can often be a smart idea to allow for extra mobility and space on your home network, and allow you to take advantage of the many benefits of a smartphone and tablet.

Of course, the network strength and speed of the connection matters too, and this is not something the older cellular standards are prepared to bear. Wireless 5G networks are emerging, and will be stronger and faster than 4G, meaning faster and more reliable connections that can support mobile broadband and streaming video.

Here’s how to take advantage of a new connection to an Android device, from a smartphone or tablet to a television.

If you have a 4G connection at home, and an Android device you wish to use abroad, then it makes sense to use an application such as Luma for Android, which allows you to stream content directly from the device to your laptop or desktop. It also gives you access to the likes of voice call and SMS through the integrated messaging service.

It’s all pretty easy. First of all, you’ll need a compatible USB dongle. The most recent model from Luma is the Home Mini, but there are older options too. These include the Mini Pro, and the Mini Pro 2, which has a better internal battery to handle longer runs without recharging.

There’s also the need for an Android device that has an app available to stream content, and a way to input the details of the dongle you’re using.

If your laptop has a USB port, it’s very easy to plug in the Luma dongle, and follow the prompts to set it up. If it doesn’t have a USB port, Luma recommends an adapter to plug into an USB port that’s sold by phone cases or charging chargers. Then your laptop should be able to accept it, but it’s not a universal solution.

Once set up, Luma runs as an app on your Android device, so you can enjoy content on your television, or other devices connected to the same network. You can also access the navigation pad from your Android phone, which makes setting up the device a much quicker and smoother experience.

Of course, there are other solutions available, such as the Google Chrome cast. It’s a streaming stick that plugs into the HDMI slot on a television, and can send media from a mobile device directly to the television.

It also works with your phone or tablet, as long as it has an Android operating system. That’s the full circle, really – it’s all about having devices that can pass content to one another, from any device you happen to have with you.

It’s worth mentioning that some devices may require extra steps in order to work with Chrome cast.

Some HDMI capable devices require the use of the HDMI-CEC feature. The Google Chrome-cast supports the feature, and it’s ready and waiting in most Android devices. To check if your device is compatible, open the settings app and then head to device settings. Find “CEC”, select it and scroll down to “good for” and check it off.

Chrome cast also requires a connection between your phone or tablet and the television. You need to download the Google Cast app from Google Play. The app allows you to control playback and allow some content to stream.

On supported devices, it also allows you to cast video to a second screen, such as a laptop, tablet or smart TV.

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