How to add a long video to WhatsApp status, Facebook story, Instagram story?

How add/post upload long video on Whatsapp status, Facebook and Instagram story?

Are you also looking for a good video app for WhatsApp? Or want to add a long video to your WhatsApp status and Facebook story?

Have you tried new video apps like Adding Stories to Facebook and WhatsApp?

If so, here is the most trending video app on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Ad Store that envisages adding story videos to story and video easily and intuitively.

For a better video ad experience about WhatsApp or Facebook videos included in WhatsApp, we’ve added this third video ad to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Facebook.

The app has features and salient features.

You can add a unique video image or video in a short time.

You can add multiple videos in the same position and / or send a message to the WhatsApp.

Main Features:

Add video photos / videos, videos, or messages to the WhatsApp.

Uniquely post a status or message to your followers on WhatsApp.

Why this new app?

The app includes photos, videos, WhatsApp status and messages.

• You can add videos up to a maximum of 6 minutes.

The application uses a variety to add a story to a Facebook video or to add a video to a status in a simple and intuitive way.

You can choose from a video image or video interface and add it to your status or message in a short time.

Main Features!

Supported features!

Facebook: You can add photos, videos, or WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp: You can add your own videos as your WhatsApp.

• Short Video: You can add video or video image in short time.

Longer videos: You can add longer videos.

Stories: You can add your own stories.

Videos Add videos: You can add videos or video images in a short time.

Check and download the latest update app now.

Below we have a brief description of WhatsApp which adds stories and WhatsApp to Facebook and WhatsApp to Facebook.

Soon use WhatsApp Facebook or WhatsApp Ad Store for Facebook and a new WhatsApp app for WhatsApp videos.


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Long long stories !!

Never limit your stories to 15 seconds.

Wattsaga is a utility tool that helps you post stories longer than 15 seconds by splitting them into 15-second video sections and instantly sharing them all together.

Posting long video statuses on WhatsApp is so easy because you don’t have to manually reduce them, WhatsApp will do it for you instantly and share it on WhatsApp.

Steel Estates!

Tired of being screened by other people?

WhatsApp helps you to view and save and share all current status

And not just photos, videos too!

Audio situation !!!

The audio status of WhatsApp is also coming. Download WhatsApp today!
We’re still in beta and more features are coming. Help us with your feedback 🙂

WhatsApp is now also available for business. The first status down-loader app for WhatsApp business !!

This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp in any way. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. It does not intend to infringe any trademark.

Click here to Download WhatSaga App from the Google Play Store!

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